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Currently mid-tour working on our next album "Grand Ole Hopry" at a place called Spanky's. The band on this tour is a mix of old, new and someone in between...i.e. Garfinkel on bass, Fust on drums and Daste on the pedal steel. We also have Angela Oudean from the wonderful Barefoot on fiddle, Kullen Fuchs on accordion and trumpet, and Cameron McGill on those ivory ticklers. Also some AMAZING singers coming in to lend a voice to this project! I am so excited to be working on it finally. We have a bit more touring up north starting next week, then making the long trip home to Boise for the always exciting Treefort Music Festival. Then I'm hopping the Atlantic ocean to tour in Europe again. Better buy my ticket soon! Hasta la vista, baby.

While most people are getting pumped up for Valentine's Day, I'm busy celebrating my birthday all month with trips to Oregon to rehearse with my band for the next tour, Seattle to record a song I co-wrote with Eric Tollefson & Josiah Johnson, and then back to Boise to kick off the tour on the 13th. We're going all the way to Nashville. Daste on steel, Garfinkel on upright bass, Fust on drums and yours truly on guitars. Grand Ole Hopry here we come. - Matt p.s. got a few more shows in Europe in Switzerland.

49th McCall Winter Carnival on Jan 25
Very excited to have been asked to play the 49th Annual McCall Winter Carnival with T-Bird and the Breaks. Rounding this month out with gigs in Twin Falls, Lava Hot Springs, Sun Valley, Hailey and Boise. Check out our tour dates for more info.


Back in Idaho, planning out the year. Promoting "High Hopes" slowly, working on pressing up "Husky" on compact disc. Aiming for Nashville for Grand Ole Hopry in early March. Euro tour on the horizon. USA tour in the works. Alaska in July.

Where are you? Hello. I'm in Alaska currently!
Where are you? I am on the Internet!
Who are you? Hopefully a music lover.
What do you sound like? I sound like this, I guess? You tell me!?!
What do you look like? Well, go in for a closer look!
Where can I see you in concert? Grab a friend, plan a date.
xoxo matt hopper, not the [good] soccer player
oh, this is my website. I run it. I'm the #boss
let me know if i can get you anything?
another glass of agua? h2o? water?
i like this no frills website, don't you?
no ads! just strait talk.
and Instagram.
How do I think Matt Hopper's "High Hopes" and Bruce Springsteen's "High Hopes" compare?
Well, thanks for askin' - well, since I haven't heard #BSPRINGS album yet *(Boss' record doesn't come out until Jan) all I can say is, does HIS album have an entire verse about #MATTHOPPER? #HIGHHOPES #CHEERS #BRUCESPRINSTEEN #3SYBLS
I used to play soccer, but now a man who goes by our shared, mutual namesake (#MATTHOPPER) has taken Google's top search prize - the coveted "coolest guy with this name" profile. I must destroy him. On the field. Toe to toe.
I need to go check out a guitar amplifier someone in Homer, AK told me I should check out.


p.s. I think 2014 is going to be rad. So nice to be in Alaska, but will be ringing in the new year in downtown #BOISE #IDAHO for the 1st Annual Idaho Potato Drop. See you in Nashville, yee haw, see you in Europe, see you in the USA.


NOV/DEC 2013

Lot's of notes below, thanks for checking in!

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CD Release party for "High Hopes" 11/16 at
Bouquet (1010 W. Main St. Boise, ID)



Announcing "High Hopes" the new album from Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles - an 11 track romp of pop rock recorded in Anchorage Alaska with Paul Jacks of Smile Ease. Click on the album cover above to stream the record and/or download a digital copy, or follow the link below if you would like to pay for a compact disc to be sent to you in the mail. Really hope you like it! - MH


Just returned from a trip to Alaska, where I had a chance to perform in Seward, Soldotna, Homer and Anchorage. It was a good time, marred by some let downs, but ultimiately turned into something good. I am in talks with a few venues about a return trip this winter to officially release my new records. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, I'm back in Boise and we just played the excellent Hyde Park Street Fair which is pretty much one of the best things you can play in Boise. We got some love in the Idaho Statesman for it and look forward to playing it again in the future. On deck a solo and full band journey to our neighbor state Utah to play in Salt Lake City, a return to First National in Pocatello, my get away gig at Lava Hot Springs, and a local gig with two of my favorite out of state songwriters - Cameron McGill and Jay William Henderson. Next month I will be on tour with the wonderful songwriter Freddie Stevenson as his backup guitarist and singer as we open for The Waterboys. I will be with them on tour from San Francisco, CA all the way to St. Paul, MN. The new album "High Hopes" should be in my hands within the month, I'm so excited! The other album is currently being wrapped up and I should have news on that soon. Sounds like my fall is off to a great start, hope yours is too.


In a blog titled "9 Alaska Acts You Should Listen to Now" Paste Magazine Blogger Taylor Kane had this to say about Hopper: "Although this songwriter recently relocated to Idaho, Matt Hopper cut his teeth in our most northern state, which would lead to the wiry, blues-flavored tracks on the 2011 album Jersey Finger. Hopper is a Tom Petty dead-ringer on “Send/Receive,” and he spends the rest of Jersey Finger drumming up nostalgia for listeners of many generations."


One big Boise show this month, on the 10th, at The Knitting Factory with Utah's great The North Valley and Jared James Nichols. Join this event on Facebook! You can purchase tickets through that site. In other news, this was supposed to be our new CD release party but it's not looking like they will be done in time, but we're getting very close to finishing "High Hopes" and hope to have it out by our next Boise show. We're super stoked about the other bands playing with us that night. Also we are wrapping up recording on "Husky" very soon as well, just need to do some horn work. That's two new albums for you folks with no Kickstarter necessary. I don't know about you, but I'm getting kind of sick of those things. Everybody and their mother seems to be making a new album and wanting help. Granted, I got a lot of help from my friends on these records...ahhh. I'm going to shut up. In more personal news, I am going to be working at the Alaska State Fair and doing a couple shows while I'm up there as well. Check the TOUR DATES for all the details including the grand opening party for Anchorare Community Works and a show with Quiet Life. Hope you are enjoying your summer very much, because it's almost over. Piper Pub already has a fall seasonal beer on tap. Uh oh.

JULY 2013

Had a fun little run of dates through California, Arizona and now we're back in Boise to open for Journey Unauthorized and Ty Herndon this week for Northwest Ribfest 2013. July 4th we are playing the Hailey, ID Freedom Fest Block Party. We've also been invited to play McMenamin's Birthday party in July at the Edgefield and have a Wed night Residency in Boise at Tom Grainey's the last three Wed of the month, including a gig with Arklife from Denver, CO. In August we have our CD release party on the 10th at the Knitting Factory. Really excited it's finally summertime and we hope to see you at a show.

JUNE 2013

Oh baby, June is almost here. I've got gigs lined up in California, Arizona, and Idaho this upcoming month. And my new album is almost finished, it's called "High Hopes" and I hope to have everything ready to go in the next couple of months and I couldn't be more excited. That's about all the news for the month of June. July is seeing us playing in Idaho for 4th of July then a couple gigs in Oregon area, some camping, and a residency in Boise at Tom Grainey's. This summer is going to be over before we know it. Get out and enjoy some fine weather.

APRIL 2013

Heading to Portland, OR for a week long residency at Al's Den April 14-20th. I have some awesome special guests lined up like Ryan Sollee, Kris Doty, Redwood Son, Bryan Free and more! Also excited to announce a show with Emma Hill and Kim DeLacy in Portland at the Laurelthirst on the other side of the bridge. Be sure to check out other tour dates in Montana and Idaho. Also planning to spend some time in the studio while in Oregon putting the finishing touches on "Husky"...one of my new forthcoming records. Stay tuned and thanks for checking in. Big thanks to The Outlaw Roadshow and Treefort Music Festival for inviting us out to play last month!

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