Praise for "False Alarm" as covered by The Head & The Heart on "Signs of Light":

"...the drolly sweet "False Alarm" could be a mountain-scented lost track from Fleetwood Mac's Mirage – a throwback that feels cozy and stylish at the same time." - Rolling Stone

"False Alarm skips into life with a dance beat, sounding quite lush with washed out harmonies and keys" - Tone Deaf

"Jon's favorite is "False Alarm" he loves the melody to death" - Reddit

"The Head and the Heart doesn’t normally record cover songs, but the band made an exception for the shimmering, atmospheric “False Alarm” - Seattle Times

"[False Alarm's] lilting high notes, catchy melodies and moody lyrics are quintessential Hopper." - Anchorage Press


"Hopper's musical career is more like a stick of dynamite with a long fuse, one that may be ready to pop." - Alaska Dispatch News
"Once a staple of the Alaskan music scene, self-styled troubadour and pop-rock powerhouse, Matt Hopper, has moved on to greener pastures. (Literally, in Idaho.) But that doesn't stop him from regular visits home or an identity firmly anchored in his Alaskan roots, from his "Caribou Bill" alter ego to recurring themes throughout his songs. The PRESS caught up with him via to get his thoughts on his latest full-length release, High Hopes." - Anchorage Press
"In 20 years of playing music, Hatcher Pass’s Matt Hopper has had more than 100 bandmates, produced and contributed to 20 albums and lived in four states. He’s been broke, tired and frustrated, but also dedicated, inspired and happy." - The Frontiersman
"His influences span musicians like Wilco and Tom Petty to shoegazey, psychedelic rock. There's a little bit of everything for anyone, which is certainly part of Hopper's appeal." - Anchorage Press

"Jersey Finger might be one day be considered Hopper’s  Exile on Main Street, should he ever grow up to become a craggy-faced graying pop star." - Anchorage Press

"I probably would have argued that the epicenter of all things "cool" was nestled in the ginger curls atop DJ Woody's head or in the split second breaths between the "ooh wee ooh's" of Matt Hopper's choruses." - Anchorage Press

""Jersey Finger" is a showcase of his evolving guitar and vocal explorations, which he has made steadily since departing Anchorage in 2003 when he became a full-time musician and touring artist Outside." - Anchorage Daily News


"Jersey Finger, an energetic, rock/pop/Americana album with handfuls of chugging guitar, brushed snares, surprising horn sections and Hopper's controlled talk-sing vocals that shift from raspy reflections to goosebump-inducing falsettos in a snap." - Boise Weekly


"This is as good as indie-country-soul-rock gets on record in 2010." - Sock Monkey Sound


"He’s always purveyed thoughtful and emotion-soaked songs that, even when performed solo, have a rock and roll attitude. It’s like Ryan Adams, but with more sass and lyrical consistency. Or maybe he’s a boozier sounding version of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy." - The Source Weekly


"[Jersey Finger] is packed with the kind of hook-heavy songs that make Hopper one of the Northwest’s best-kept secrets." - Go Magazine


"Jersey Finger" is considerably more polished than his last, more lo-fi folksy release, "Reverse Odyssey." - Penninsula Clarion



"Alaska's Finest" - Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Alaska native Matt Hopper has the appeal and talent of a quintessential American singer-songwriter. He writes earnest alt-countrified songs that are pop without being clichéd and delicate without being sappy." LA Weekly

“To generalize Hopper would be to say he's indie-pop with a dash of country. To understand Hopper, however, requires listening beyond his energetic to lullaby-like acoustic guitar playing and taking in what he has to say.” – Nevada Sagebrush

"Matt Hopper is a monster rock n roll front man who writes brilliantly crafted pop tunes. He has the catalogue, persistence and the stage presence to be the next big thing in pop musics re-birth of the singer/songwriter genre. He’s already proven he’s among the best of his class." - Summit Daily News

"[Matt Hopper's] prolific writing ability coupled with a love of both classic rock and folk make it easy to see why he is frequently compared to artists such as Ryan Adams and Elliott Smith. ” – Nevada Sagebrush

"Quintessential Americana: a blend of pop, folk, classic country, rock, and indie-everything. He's a brilliant lyricist and story-teller, and even when he's singing a string of la-la-la's" - Boise Weekly

"A singer-songwriter of the highest caliber" - Boise Weekly

"...a musical prodigy" - Fine Print Magazine

""[Hopper] creates music that should be used as a soundtrack for a cute lovestory between a nasa-astronaut and a deaf operator girl. Heartbreaking and beautiful." - Frantic World Scenarios

"Matt Hopper is NOT crap" - Flagstaff Live

"a talented folk rocker" - San Diego City Beat

"Your CD has completely infiltrated my life. Your style is not my usual one, but since your show and getting my hands on the album I can't stop. You know how it is. Thanks for putting it out there...there is some kind of Matt Hopper revolution on our campus since your show. The girls love ya." - Christy, WARC 90.3 FM

"Hopper takes a look at punk, emo, folk, hip-hop and jazz and ties them all together like a giant corn rose" -  Northern Light

"An immensely talented and diverse songwriter" - Todd Brown, Absalom Recordings

"We live in Anchorage, so fuck, nobody's a rock star, except maybe Matt Hopper." - Mike Gorder [Delmag] in Range Magazine

"...a stunning falsetto" - Lia Rudolph, Anchorage Daily News

"I just wanted to let you know that my eyeballs just melted out of their sockets and my brain exploded out through my ears... and its all because ofyour disc." - Matthew Wojciakowski, 89.1 WIDR FM