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Hello friends, fans, family and potential investors!

The sun is shining on my back near the 45th Parallel in Idaho.

It is with great confidence that I can say I am ready to record my definitive Americana record. The title of the album has been selected and is a play on words.

Grand Ole Hopry is as close to American country music as I will ever get. The record has been a long time coming, but there is still much work to be done.

I have been a professional songwriter and musician for nine years living an amazingly rich life somewhere below poverty in a constant state of travel and discovery, existing on pay from venues and the kindness of my fans. I have lived on floors, couches, beds and busses writing, recording and performing original music (and a few covers) as my livelihood for almost a decade now.

Your kindness is never forgotten.

The songs for this record are a result of doing what I love to do - living the life of a troubadour playing and travelling all across America, experiencing things not everyone gets the chance to see and hear. I have been documenting and pouring my journeys into poems with melodies that eventually became the songs I want to put on this record. There are stories written with friends around campfires, about wasting life on someone else's clock, a glittery gritty gem set in Las Vegas, a loving invitiation from a mail carrier to his far away love, of French girls visiting America, Niagara Falls, and foolish reasons people want to move somewhere else.

You could call this a fundraiser. I've shied away from jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon for awhile now. It's hard to ask for help sometimes, but the truth is I am at a point in my independent career where I'd like to make two records in 2012 and don't have the financial means to do so.

Please consider making a donation towards the funding of Grand Ole Hopry. It would mean the world to me.

I'd like to offer up my thank you in advance. Download two free demo songs written for the album from the tracklist on the right by "right click / save as". You don't even have to give me your e-mail address, but if you do decide you want to send over a donation/gift, I will add your e-mail to my e-mail list and keep you posted on progress with the fundraising for this album.

Matt Hopper


Evil Grin
Summer Holiday
Working Overtime
Two Dollar Whiskey 
Niagara Falls
Casino Lights
Honest Eyes
Wedding Ring
Fools Gold
French Girls
Gravel Slide

Thank you for your interest in supporting Grand Ole Hopry! There are a few ways you can help. You can send a donation via Paypal, this is the easiest method if you would like to pay via credit card or online. They do take a percentage (2.9%) of your donation + 30 cents if you use a credit card vs. sending strait from your Paypal account. If you prefer sending a check, please contact me for my mailing address. Another option is to drop your donation off at any Wells Fargo location. Please contact me for the account number and so I know you are doing it in advance. And the easiest way is to find me at a show, hand me your donation personally and I'll get your e-mail address right there to make sure you get your donor reward when the time comes. Speaking of which...

  • Donors at the $1+ level will have my eternal thanks.
  • Donors at the $5+ level will recieve a link to download all the demos for Grand Ole Hopry.
  • Donors at the $10+ level will be privvy to a free download link for the final version of the album, in digital form before it is available anywhere else.
  • Donors at the $15+ level will also recieve a physical copy of the record on compact disc.
  • Donors at the $25+ level will recieve a physical copy of the vinyl pressing of this album + digital download.
  • Donors at the $50+ level, will recieve their choice of physical product, plus a special limited edition Grand Ole Hopry t-shirt and a signed poster.
  • Donors at the $100+ level will be thanked personally on the record liner notes + everything you get above + two tickets to a show of your choice.
  • Donors at the $250+ level will get everything above, plus a 5-10 minute video chat --- I'll call you and let you know some insider stuff about the making of Grand Ole Hopry.
  • Donors at the $500+ level will get all the above + myself or the band will play a free concert at your house.
  • Donors at the $1000+ level will get all of the above + on the guestlist at every show we do in 2013.
  • Donors at the $5,000+ level will get an executive producer credit on the album + all the above.
  • Donors at the $10,000+ level will get a helicopter ride + all the above.

Background photo courtesy of Dominique - thanks for letting me use your photo.

Thank You!

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